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The history of slot machines in the UK goes back to when they were bought into land based pubs meaning people could enjoy spinning the reels over a pint which was a very popular introduction. The free UK pub slots built up an army of loyal fans in the UK where people would enjoy playing the various games over a pint. The invention of the internet meant that the various free UK pub slots were moved to an online platform. The introduction of the free pub slots online meant that players would enjoy spinning the reels from the comfort of their own homes and at any time of the day or night. Players loved the fact they could spin the reels without traveling to their nearest pub and not be restricted to pub opening hours. The free UK pub slots are available for players to enjoy at the fantastic online casino recommended in this website guide. The online operator provides players with a safe and secure environment to spin the reels in. In addition to this all of the free UK pub slots are available at this casino assuring players a fair chance of winning when the reels are spun.

The online operator in addition to all of the above advantages also gives their players the chance to benefit from a great customer support department. The customer support department is on hand twenty four hours of the day and seven days a week to deal with various player requests. The customer support agents are experts in all aspects of the free UK pub slots assuring that player requests are dealt with swiftly and successfully. The free UK pub slots have become hugely popular and successful for several different reasons which include their great themes that create enjoyable playing environments. The next important feature and reason behind the success of the various free UK pub slots is the game play on offer. The game play is hugely interactive and engaging testing several different players attributes rewarding them accordingly for their inputs. The visual and sound effects employed by the varying free UK pub slots are also a key contributing factor behind the success and popularity of the various games. One of the best examples of a slot that enjoys the highest standards in all of the above categories is the free Alien Cash Attack slot.
The Alien Cash Attack slot has a great theme which stars aliens attacking earth and in a fun comic twist the aliens are armed only with cash. The visual effects used in this slot are similar to the range of free UK pub slots as they employ a great style of colourful cartoon animation that players will love. The sound effects in the Alien Cash Attack game are excellent as they include high pitched noises which are played to enhance the games sci-fi theme. The game play found in the slot is very interactive bringing it in line with the rest of the free UK pub slots challenging a player’s tactical abilities and judgment skills. The first of the most commonly seen game play features found in the range of free UK pub slots are the nudges and the holds allowing players to manipulate the reels to their own advantage. The nudges in the free UK pub slots allow the user to select an individual reel and move it down a position so that new symbols come onto the win line. The holds give the player the option to keep a reel in the same place while the others spin so that new combinations of symbols appear across the win line.

The other features that are available in the free UK pub slots are the great challenging tasks found in the bonus rounds. The first of these engaging features seen in the free UK pub slots is the higher or lower gamble which is both exciting and a lot of fun. The higher or lower gamble is designed to test a player’s rational thinking skills and works by showing users a number and asking them to predict if the next number shown will be higher or lower than the first. The other interactive and challenging feature found in the bonus round of the various free UK pub slots is the skill stopper. The skill stopper is hugely interactive and works by showing a ladder of varying prizes testing player’s reflexes by asking them to stop a light on the ladder. The free Game On slot has a skill stopper feature which is hugely entertaining and suits players with good reflexes. The Game on slot is one of the finest free UK pub slots as it gives players the chance to enjoy several fun game play features in addition to a wacky theme based on an animal football world cup.

The next enjoyable feature seen in the free UK pub slots is the bonus board feature which is designed to test player’s judgments and greed. The free Cops and Robbers slot has a bonus board feature which places players into the shoes of a robber being chased by the copper along a board of prize features. The further along the prize board the player manages to move then their prize amount increases incrementally. The bonus board feature in the free UK pub slots allow players to use their judgments to select the right time to exit the round before they lose the prize they are currently holding. The next important feature seen in the various free UK pub slots are the nudge gamble and bank nudge features. These two features allow the player to manipulate the reels to their own advantage even further which is a very entertaining challenge. The nudge gamble allows the player to place their existing nudge on the line in order to win more and therefore increase their winning chances. The bank nudges allow the player to store their nudges over to the next spin of the reels and therefore increase their winning chances. In conclusion the free UK pub slots offer a fantastic set of game play features, fun themes and great effects and can be enjoyed at the excellent online operator recommended in this website guide.