The range of free pub slots that players can choose from have a selection of different themes, varying styles of visual and sound effects and differing game play features. One of the games that have very high player numbers is the fantastic free Twister slot which is hugely popular with a large cross section of players. There are numerous different reasons for the free Twister slot enjoying such huge levels of popularity these include the quality game play which offers several great bonuses. The theme is also highly appealing in the free Twister slot as it tells the story of a small town in the south of American who fear a hurricane. The style of the visual and sound effects in the free Twister slot are also fantastic as they create a very enjoyable and entertaining playing environment. The game is available from the free pub slots operators recommended in this website guide providing players with a safe and secure environment to spin the reels. The operator is licensed by the correct governing agencies meaning that players have a fair chance of winning when the reels are spun. The operator also benefits from having a customer support department who are on hand twenty four hours of the day to help their players.

The customer support team is experts in all aspects of all the various free pub slots which is ideal for players when they need assistance. The game play on offer in the free Twister slot is highly entertaining as it offers a large slot format and three fantastic bonus rounds. The format of the free Twister slot is a five reel and twenty five win line set up which is ideal for players who want a lot of options when making their win line selection. The key factor a player must remember when making their win line selection is the more win lines selected means the higher the cost of the spin and the more chance they have of winning. The lower the selection of win lines in the free Twister slot results in their winning chances decreasing along with the cost of their spin. The main aim for a player once they have made their win line selection in the free Twister game is line up three, four or five of the same symbols across an active win line. The more symbols that are lined up from the left to the right results in a higher prize amount being paid to the player.

The different symbols that can be aligned all result in differing prizes being awarded to the player. The best symbol for the player to align five of along an active win line when playing the free Twister slot is the twister symbol. The symbols and their respective paying amounts can be seen in the pay table which is a great tool that allows players to see which symbols are the best to concentrate on aligning. The free Lady in Red slot also offers the use of a pay table which opens into a new screen showing players which symbols they should focus on lining up across the reels. The bonuses on offer to players when they play the free Twister slot include the wild, gamble and scatter bonus features. The wild bonus is a great feature which is represented by the twister symbol, the twister symbol has the power to change places with any other symbol on the board. The twister symbol therefore dramatically increases players winning chances in the free Twister slot and is therefore a great feature of the game. The next bonus available to people when they play the free Twister slot is the gamble bonus.

The gamble bonus is an optional bonus available at the end of a winning spin of the reels. The gamble bonus if accepted presents players with a fifty / fifty chance bet which is very risky allowing them to either double or lose their winnings. The gamble bonus if accepted when people play the free Twister game can be repeated giving players a great chance to make quick and impressive increases to their prize fund. The final bonus available to people who play the free Twister slot is potentially the most lucrative and is known as the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus is represented by the television set symbol which the player needs to spin into the screen three, four or five times. The scatter bonus when triggered in the free Twister slot rewards the player with twenty win spins which double all winnings paid out. The scatter bonus when found in the range of free pub slots can be extremely lucrative as the reels spin automatically forming lots of different winning combinations that boost the player’s prize fund. The combination of the three bonus features in the free Twister slot creates very entertaining and enjoyable playing sessions which if played wisely can be very lucrative.

The theme in the free Twister slot is hugely entertaining as it tells the story of a small town the south of America that is under threat from a huge hurricane. These natural disasters are common place in this part of the world and the game describes the local’s reaction to the disaster in an amusing style. The next important element in the free Twister slots performance is the quality of the visual and sound effects used to deliver the theme to players. The visual components consist of the background, symbols and the title text which are all finished in a great style of colourful cartoon animation. The symbols in the free Twister slot show different funny characters that live in the small town and the other symbols show objects being affected by the hurricane. The title text is written in a bright orange font which stands out from the background excellently and looks very attractive. The sound effects in the free Twister slot are very dramatic which help build on the slots natural disaster related theme. Players who want a similar set of effects should play the free Dubya Money slot which also portrays a southern area in the USA.