The selection of pub style slot games all have their origins taken from pubs all over the UK where people would spin the reels whilst enjoying a pint. The first of the pub slots invented was the brilliant free Joker 8000 slot which led the way for numerous other slots of its type to be released. The reasons that the free Joker 8000 game became hugely popular included the quality of the game play which challenged players with several different tactical decisions. The entertaining theme is another key reason behind the free Joker 8000 slot enjoying such huge levels of success as it presents a jolly and fun concept to players. The next reason behind the free Joker 8000 slot holding the status as one of the most highly played games of all time is the simple style of visual and sound effects. The inception of the internet led to the game along with the other free pub slots being moved to an online platform. The online provision of the game meant that players could spin the reels from the comfort of their own homes and at any time of the day or evening.

The game play that players can expect to enjoy when they play the free Joker 8000 slot is exceptional as it features a small slot format and poses several tactical decisions. The format of the free Joker 8000 slot is a three reel and five win line set up which is a small and compact playing board. The player must decide before the reels are spun how many of the win lines they should select as active. The more win lines that are selected as active means the more chance a player has of winning when the reels are spun. The lower the win line selection in the free Joker 8000 slot means player’s winning chances decrease as does the cost of their spin. The free Lady in Red slot offers players a considerably higher amount of win lines to choose from and more reels meaning the game offers a higher amount of flexibility and choice. The free Joker 8000 slot has two different sections, the first and the super game, the players aim is to win though to the super game section. The player can win through to the super game section by collecting points in the first section which is done by lining up matching symbols across one of active win lines.

The different symbols that can be lined up in the free Joker 8000 slot all result in differing amounts of points being awarded to the player. The symbols and there respective point amounts are displayed at the top of the screen in the free Joker 8000 slot. The best symbol that the player can align when they spin the reels of the free Joker 8000 slot is the crown as this offers the highest possible return. The player has the use of the gamble feature to help them reach the highest prizes in the free Joker 8000 slot. The gamble feature is an optional bet available at the end of a winning spin of the reels giving players the chance to risk their winnings on a risky fifty / fifty bet. The result of the gamble feature will result in them doubling or losing their prize fund which is a factor that players relish as it presents a great chance to make aggressive increases. The player’s aim of lining up matching symbols across the win line is not made easier with the use of nudges and holds which are found in several of the other free pub slots. Players wanting to utilize the nudges and the holds should play the free Gold Mine slot which presents them with the opportunity to manipulate the reels.

Once the player has reached the super game section in the free Joker 8000 slot they can access great prizes by lining up three of the same symbols across an active win line. The super game section costs twenty points a spin of the reels so this is the players aim in the first section of the slot. The super game section of the free Joker 8000 slot also offers a gamble feature which is a great test of player’s nerves. The combination of the various game play features makes the free Joker 8000 slot one of the most entertaining games found online due to the tactical challenge it presents. The theme of the free Joker 8000 slot is very fitting as it’s based on a playing card theme which is a gambling related topic. The playing card theme is given an excellent twist as the joker card is given special attention. The joker card character is given a medieval twist as the joker character used to entertain the king’s courts many hundreds of years ago. The theme and the game play combined create a scintillating playing session which players will the relish the opportunity of experiencing.

The visual and sound effects used to present the free Joker 8000 slot to players are excellent as they manage to recreate the original land based machine on the big screen perfectly. The games appearance on the screen gives a retro feel that is very authentic and fans of the classic land based game will love. The simple and plain effects in the free Joker 8000 game allow the player to not be distracted with flashy effects and to fully focus on the game play and winning money. If players want to enjoy a game with a more intricate and elaborate set of effects then they should try the free Fire n Dice slot. The fire n dice slot uses colourful cartoon animation and flaming sound effects to create a hellish environment. The background players will see when they play the free Joker 8000 slot shows a wallpapered effect of red and black card which enhances the games overall theme. The symbols are all simply presented and include a crown which gives the game a regal feel that players will love. In conclusion the free Joker 8000 slot offers players the chance to enjoy a fantastic set of game play features and a fun theme.