The range of pub style slot games available online generally run of small slot formats and have several interactive game play features. If players are looking for a game with a more automated style of play and a larger slot format then they should play free Jane Blond as it ticks these boxes. The free Jane Blond slot is one of the finest of all the free pub slots and enjoys very high player numbers from all over the UK. The reasons for the huge amounts of popularity enjoyed and the high player numbers includes the excellent game play which has three great bonus rounds and a moderate sized slot format. The theme is another reason for the success enjoyed by the free Jane Blond slot as it has an excellent concept based on a female secret agent. The third of the reasons behind the phenomenal success enjoyed the by the free Jane Blond slot is the fun style of visual and sound effects that create an uplifting playing environment. The game can be enjoyed at the fantastic free pub slots operators recommended in this website guide which provides players with a safe and secure environment to spin the reels.

The operator is fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agencies meaning players have a fair chance of winning when they reels are spun. The game play that the free Jane Blond slot offers consists of a moderate sized slot format and several excellent bonus features. The slot format is a five reel and nine win line set up which is the ideal size for players who want a medium amount of choice over their win line selection. The first choice available to a player when they play free Jane Blond is how many of the nine win lines to have active when the reels are spun. The more win lines that are selected means the players winning chances increase along with the cost of the spin. The lower the selection of win lines results in the cost of the spin decreasing along with the players winning chances. The player must also make their stake selection before they play free Jane Blond governing how much risk and potential return they have. The main aim for a player when they spin the reels of the free Jane Blond slot is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across an active win line.

The action of lining up the same symbols adjacently from the left to the right across the win line results in a prize being awarded. The more symbols that are aligned in the free Jane Blond slot results in the winning amount paid out increasing incrementally. The different symbols all result in differing amounts being awarded to the player and these amounts can be viewed in the pay table. The pay table is a great tool that opens into a new screen showing players the various symbols and their paying amounts. The best symbol for the player to manage to align when they play free Jane Blond is the agent kneeling down symbol which returns an excellent amount. Players who play free Prime Property can also utilize the pay table tool which clearly displays all of the relevant information regarding what the best symbols are to focus on aligning. The bonuses available to people who play free Jane Blond include the gamble, wild and scatter features. The gamble bonus is an optional bonus available to people who play free Jane Blond and is presented to them at the end of a winning spin of the reels.

The gamble bonus if accepted presents players with a fifty / fifty bet which loads into a new screen and the outcome of this results in them doubling or losing their prize fund. The gamble bonus if guessed correctly in free Jane Blond can be repeated giving players the chance to make aggressive increases to their prize fund. The next important feature available to people who play free Jane Blond is the wild bonus which is represented by the jane blond symbol. The Jane Blond symbol has the power to change places with any other symbol on the board therefore increases players chances of winning. The jane blond symbol whenever involved in forming a winning line combination automatically doubles the amount paid out to the player. The third bonus available to people who play free Jane Blond is the scatter bonus which is triggered when three logo symbols appear on the screen at once. The scatter bonus rewards players with fifteen win spins paid on a multiplier of three which can be very lucrative. The combination of the three bonus features available to people who play free Jane Blond create a very entertaining playing session which is a lot fun and can be lucrative.

The theme of the free Jane Blond slots is based on a female secret agent who travels the world conducting hits and missions. The game takes a fun twist on the famous film character James Bond who is an English secret agent that is famous for his heroic acts completing daring missions. The exciting theme of the free Jane Blond slot is ideal for players who want an action packed playing session which is a lot of fun and guarantees to get their pulses racing. The visual and sound effects that are used to bring the free Jane Blond to life are fantastic as they create a vibrant and enjoyable playing session. The visual components of the slot are all presented in the same style of colourful cartoon animation that looks fantastic on players screen. The next important element of the slots performance is the quality of the sound effects which create a tense and exciting environment for players to enjoy. Players who want to enjoy a similar excellent standard of effects should play free Twister as it has a quality selection of effects. In conclusion free Jane Blond offers an excellent playing experience with a great selection of game play features and a fun theme combined with a fantastic selection of effects.