One of the most entertaining pub style slot games was also one of the first incepted and introduced to the slot game market which has an army of fans all over the UK. The huge player numbers that enjoy playing free Fruit Bingo could first play the game in land based pubs all over the UK until the inception of the internet moved the game to an online platform. The first of the reasons that people play free Fruit Bingo is for the stunning style of game play which is very interactive testing several different player skills. The next important feature and reason for the high popularity enjoyed by the free Fruit Bingo slot is the fun theme which is based on the game of bingo. The third of the reasons that the free Fruit Bingo game is so popular is for the simple and plain visual and sound affects which accurately recreates the land based machine on player’s screens. The game is available to be enjoyed at the free pub slots operators recommended in this website guide as it provides players with a great location to spin the reels. The operator is fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agencies meaning players are assured a fair chance of winning

The operator also has a customer support department who are experts in all aspects of the free Fruit Bingo game meaning players queries can be swiftly dealt with. The game play that players enjoy when they play free Fruit Bingo consists of a small slot format and a fun bonus round. The format of the slot is only three reels and one win line which is the smallest of all the free pub slots available online. The small format is ideal for players who want a quick paced playing sessions which is full of action packed fun. The small format also means the game is ideal for slot game beginners as it is easy to learn and understand. The main aim and objective for players when they spin the reels of the free Fruit Bingo slot is to line up three of the same symbols across an active win line. The different symbols that can be aligned when they spin the reels of the free Fruit Bingo slot results in differing prize amounts being awarded to the player. The symbols and their respective amounts can be seen at the top of the screen with the star symbol offering the best return for players.

The player to make this goal easier when they play free Fruit Bingo is given the use of the nudges and the holds allowing them to use their own influence to further their winning chances. The nudges allow the player to use their own influence to move the reels down a position in order to bring new symbols into the win line and raise their winning chances. The holds in the free Fruit Bingo game give the player the option to keep an individual reel in the same place while the others spin. A player who enjoys using the nudge and hold features should also play the free Gold Mine slot that also offers the use of the two features. The other interactive nudge related features available to people who spin the reels of the free Fruit Bingo slot are the bank and gamble nudge features. The bank nudge feature allows the player to store their nudges over to the next spin of the reels. The gamble nudges allow the user the option to risk their existing nudges in order to win more. The combinations of all the interactive features allowing players to manipulate the reels to their own advantage in the free Fruit Bingo game are a great test of their judgment skills.

The bonus round in the free Fruit Bingo slot is a very entertaining feature which is activated when the player manages to spin in three of the logo symbols across the win line. The bonus round loads with the reels spinning automatically and different combinations of symbols are then formed across the win line. The bonus round is very entertaining for players as it takes place in the bingo style where the reels spin with different combinations of symbols appearing. These symbols that appear are then crossed of the lines at the top of games screen. Once a line at the top of the screen is completely crossed off in the free Fruit Bingo game then the player is awarded with a prize payment. The bonus round is highly exciting and a key contributing factor in the slots status as one of the best free pub slots on the market. The combination of the fun bonus round and interactive nudge features helps the free Fruit Bingo game create a very entertaining playing environment for players to enjoy. The theme that the free Fruit Bingo slot presents is a fun one which is centered on the game of bingo which is a hugely popular game across all of the UK especially with the elder population.

The next important element of the performance of the free Fruit Bingo slot is the quality of the visual and sound effects which are used to deliver the fun theme. The visual and sound effects manage to brilliantly recreate the feel of the original land based machine on the big screen which gives the game a fun retro feel. The simple and plain visual effects used in the free Fruit Bingo slot also allow the player to fully focus on the game play and therefore winning money which is a distinct advantage. The background is shown in a plain purple colour with cartoon animated characters celebrating a win at Bingo therefore enhancing the games theme. The symbols in the free Fruit Bingo game include the star, melon and other fun objects and are all animated in the same simple clear finish that stands out nicely. The next important feature of the free Fruit Bingo game is the sound effects which are a simple and plain selection of electronic tones that manage to create a very tranquil playing environment. In conclusion the game offers a great interactive style of game play that tests several player skills and also enjoys a hugely fun theme and simple collection of effects.