The whole selection of pub style slot games that players can choose from have a range of differing features to choose from and fun themes. The whole range of games varies in popularity and success with users selecting to play different games depending on their own personal preferences and tastes. One of the highest played and most loved of all the games is the brilliant free Fire n Dice slot which has a loyal base of fans. The free Fire n Dice slot is one of the most successful pub style games for a number of reasons, the first being the quality of the game play which is very interactive testing player’s inputs and rewarding them financially. The next reason behind the free Fire n Dice slot enjoying such huge levels of success includes the quality of the theme which presents a scary concept. The free Fire n Dice game is presented with a stunning selection of effects which creates a sizzling hot hellish environment for players to enjoy. The game was first enjoyed as a land based machine found in the corners of pubs all over the UK. The inception of the internet led to the collection of free pub slots being moved to an online platform.

The introduction of the free pub slots on an online platform meant that players loved having the chance to spin the reels without being constrained to pub opening hours. Players also loved the fact they could spin the reels from the comfort of their own homes which is a factor they really appreciated. The game play that players can expect to enjoy when they decide to play free Fire n Dice is highly interactive and enjoyable. The format of the free Fire n Dice slot is only three reels and one win line which is the smallest of all the online fruit machines. The fact the slot has such a small format means that it’s ideal for players who are new to slot games. The small format in the free Fire n Dice game is ideal for players who want a rapid paced game which is full of action. The main aim for a player when they spin the reels of the free Fire n Dice game is to reach the bonus round section which can be done by lining up matching symbols. The action of lining up three of the same symbols across the one win line triggers an award of win spins which the player can take forward to the bonus round.

The different symbols that the player can manage to align across the win line all result in varying amounts of win spins being awarded. The best symbol for the player to manage to align when they play the free Fire n Dice slot are the sevens as they reward with fifty win spins. The second best symbol is the bars followed by the cherries which return only five win spins. The bonus round structure in the free Billion Dollar Gran game is very similar rewarding winning line combinations made in the first round with win spins in the bonus round. The player’s goal of lining up the same symbols to take forward to the bonus round is made easier when they play free Fire n Dice through the use of the nudges and the holds. The nudges in the free Fire n Dice slot allow the player to move a reel down a position so that new symbols come down onto the win line. The holds are very similar giving players the option to keep a reel still while the others spin so that new symbols appear on the other reels. The holds and nudges in the free Fire n Dice slot are a great feature allowing players to use their influence to effect the end result.

The player similar to the free Cops and Robbers game has the use of the nudge gamble and bank nudges. The nudge gamble is a great feature allowing the player to risk their existing nudges in order to win more and therefore increase their winning chances. The bank nudges in the free Fire n Dice game offers players the chance to store their nudges over till the next spin of the reels. The bonus round once activated in the free Fire n Dice game shows players a three reel and five win line set up where the reels spin with differing combinations of symbols appearing across the reels. The symbols that form winning line combinations across the reels are all accredited to the player’s prize fund. The win spins unfold on the screen automatically in the free Fire n Dice game being very entertaining and exciting for players to watch. The theme of the free Fire n Dice game is hugely exciting and very entertaining as it’s based in the bowels of hell. The game sends the player into hell where they are confronted with a frightening female devil who decides their fate with the spin of a dice.

The visual and sound effects that are employed to create the burning hot hellish environment to immerse players in are excellent. The visual components in the free Fire n Dice slot include the background, symbols and the title text these elements are all animated in the same colourful style of cartoon animation. The background in the free Fire n Dice slot is shown with large red and orange flames racing upwards and an imposing female devil character stood menacingly. The female devil character is presented with glowing red eyes and small horns with a leather cat suit. The symbols in the free Fire n Dice slot are shown with lots of bright colours and stand out proudly from the background. One of the nicest effects in the free Fire n Dice slot is when the reels are spun the player sees flames which greatly enhance the slots theme. The sound effects in the game are also fantastic as they play different flaming noises to enhance the overall playing environment and the burning hot atmosphere. The free Deep Sea Dosh game also has a great selection of effects which manage to immerse players in an environment set deep under the sea.