The range of pub style slot games that players can choose from is very large with a selection of different concepts and themes to choose from. One of the best and most enjoyable of all the slots is the free Cops and Robbers game as it has a fantastic array of interactive game play features and a fun theme. The reasons behind the free Cops and Robbers games success includes its stunning style of visual and sound effects that bring the concept to life in brilliant fashion. The theme is based on the age old battle between the right and wrong sides of the law and is portrayed in an amusing and entertaining style that players will love. The history of the free Cops and Robbers game goes back to its inception where it was brought into land based pubs all over the UK. Players would spin the reels while enjoying a pint and the game build up an army of loyal fans. The invention of the internet meant the free Cops and Robbers game was moved online to the delight of its fans as they could now spin the reels from the comfort of their own homes.

The free Cops and Robbers game is available from the online casino recommended in this website guide providing players with a quality environment to spin the reels in. The game play that the free Cops and Robbers slot offers includes a small format and interactive set of game play features. The small format is only a three reel and one win line set up which is the smallest of all the free pub slots. The small formats means the game is easy to learn and understand making it perfect for slot game beginners. The other noticeable factor that the small slot format creates is a very fast paced and free flowing playing session. The main goal for players when they play free Cops and Robbers is to either activate the bonus round or to align a winning line combination. The player can align a winning line combination by rolling in three of the same symbols across the one win line. The different symbols all result in differing prize amounts being awarded to the player and these amounts are shown on the right hand side of the screen. The most valuable symbol for the player to align when playing free Cops and Robbers is the robber followed by the police hat.

The aim of lining up a winning line combination is made easier with the use of the nudges and the holds which are features allowing players to use their own judgments. The nudges are interactive features allowing people when trying to win at free Cops and Robbers to move individual reels and symbols down a position. The holds are good features giving the player the chance to keep reels in the same place while the others spin so that new symbols are bought into the win line. The other interactive nudge related features players can take advantage of when they spin the reels of free Cops and Robbers are the bank and gamble nudges. The bank nudges in the free Cops and Robbers game allow the player to store their nudges over to the next spin of the reels. The gamble nudges give the player the option to risk their existing nudges in order to win more which is a good test of their tactical abilities and daring. The nudge and hold related features in the free Cops and Robbers game allow the player to manipulate the reels using their own judgment skills and foresight.

Players who do not want to have the ability to move the reels around to their own advantage should play free Jane Blond which generates the symbols on the win line in an automatic fashion. The Jane blond game has three different bonus rounds compared to the one on offer in the free Cops and Robbers slot. The bonus round in the free Cops and Robbers slot is activated when the player manages to spin in three symbols with bags of loot on into view onto the screen. The bonus round loads into a new screen when people play free Cops and Robbers showing a thirty six trail prize board. The prizes on the bonus board when people play free Cops and Robbers increase in value the further along the prize board the player’s moves. The bonus board places the player into the role of a robber moving along the prize board if the robber is caught by the chasing copper then the round ends instantly. The prizes that players can win when they play the bonus round include themed features like costa del cash, it’s a fair cop and doing time. The fun bonus round can be very lucrative if players are wise when they spin the reels.

The next important element and key contributing factor of the games status as one of the best free pub slots on the market is the quality of the theme. The theme is a lot of fun and players will enjoy the entertaining concept presented to them that places them into the shoes of a robber on the run from the law. The visual and sound effects that are used to present the fun theme in the free Cops and Robbers game are excellent as they create a fun and uplifting playing session. The visual components in the free Cops and Robbers slot consist of the background, bonus round background, symbols and the title text. These visual components in the free Cops and Robbers game are all animated in the same style of cartoon animation that’s full of colour and brings the game to life. The sound effects that are used in the free Cops and Robbers game include an accented voice saying different funny phrases. The overall combination of the different visual and sound effects creates a very enjoyable and uplifting environment which players will love. Players who play free Fruit Bingo will be exposed to a much simpler style of visual and sound effects which allows them to focus on spinning the reels and winning money.