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The range of free pub slots that players can enjoy online is extensive with a selection of different game play features and themes to choose between. The history of the various slots goes back to when the games were land based machines found in pubs all over the UK. The machines became very popular in the respective pubs all over the UK where people would enjoy a pint whilst enjoying spinning the reels. The inception of the internet meant that the various free pub slots could be moved to an online platform where the machines could be enjoyed from the players own homes. Players loved the fact they could spin the reels without having to leave their house and the fact they were not restricted to pub opening hours. The selection of free pub slots became famous for several different characteristics which include there interactive and engaging style of game play. The other reasons that the free pub slots enjoy excellent player numbers include the fun selection of themes that are on offer as they present wacky and comic concepts. The final element that the slots are very famous for is the great style of visual and sound effects which create very entertaining playing environments.

The interactive style of game play found in the free pub slots gives players the chance to enjoy several different challenging features. The challenging game play features are designed to test several different player attributes and skills which is something players will enjoy and relish the opportunity of using. The formats that are found across the range of free pub slots are very small which create fast paced and action filled playing sessions. There are several games reviewed in this guide which offer larger slot formats of five reels and up to twenty five win lines, these larger games are ideal for players wanting more flexibility and choice over their win line selection. The main aim for players when they play any of the free pub slots is to line up three of the same symbols across an active win line. The action of lining up the same symbols adjacently across the win line results in the player being awarded with a prize amount. The player is given the use of several interactive features when they play free pub slots allowing them to manipulate the reels to their advantage. The nudges and the holds in the free pub slots are a test of player’s judgments allowing them to manage the reels.

The nudges in the free pub slots allow the player to shift a reel down a position so that new symbols come down onto the win line. The holds are similar as they give the player the chance to keep a reel in the same place while the others spin which are great features. The other interactive feature found in the bonus round of several of the free pub slots is the higher or lower gamble. The higher or lower gamble is designed to test a players rational thinking skills as they are shown a number and asked to predict if the next number will be higher or lower than the first. Players wanting to experience the higher or lower gamble should play free Abra-Kebab-Ra which has an excellent one in the bonus round. The other excellent game play feature seen in the free pub slots is the skill stopper which is designed to test player’s reflexes. The skill stopper works by showing players a ladder and asking them to stop a flashing light on the right section of the ladder. The combination of the skill stopper and the higher or lower gamble in the free pub slots creates a very entertaining and enjoyable playing session.

One of the other game play features seen in several of the different free pub slots is the bonus board which works by showing players a trail of prizes. The trail of prizes increase in value the further the player manages to reach and are a great test of players judgments as they must decide a good time to exit the round. Players wanting to experience a bonus round should play free Cops and Robbers which has an excellent one designed to test a player’s greed. The next important element that players will notice from the various free pub slots is the fun and uplifting themes which describe different comic and wacky concepts. The best comic themed free pub slots include games that take a hysterical overview of George Bush’s political career and others that take a funny overview of the social group the chav. The wacky themed free pub slots include games based on aliens attacking earth armed only with cash and other games featuring cows dressed as soldiers. The fun and lighthearted themes are ideal for players who want to enjoy entertaining playing sessions. The combination of the fun themes and great game play is crucial in creating an attractive slot game.

The next important element surrounding the free pub slots is the visual and sound effects which create fantastic playing environments. The various visual components consist of the background, title text and the symbols these elements are all designed in a great cartoon animated finish. The cartoon animation used in the free pub slots is very colourful and comic delivering an excellent finish to the various slots that players will love. The sound effects found across the various free pub slots are also of the highest possible standard as they help enhance the different themes. The different games include accented voices saying funny phrases at various periods which enhance the themes greatly. The various games can be enjoyed at the fantastic online operator recommended in this website guide. The online operator is fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agencies meaning that the reels are spun in a safe and secure environment. The player is assured a fair chance of winning as the payout rate is fixed and displayed on the casinos website so they are safe in the knowledge they have a good chance of winning. The casinos also has a customer support department who are experts in all aspects of the free pub slots meaning all varying player queries can be dealt with.